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Herb is the service and platform that powers your THC & CBD delivery, pick up and ship to me business.
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Fillable orders, your own app, digital payments, loyalty, portable identity.
Herb provides your business with orders! A white labeled app experience, access to digital payments, a loyalty platform for your customers and much more.
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If you could know each client a little more, what would you think? Well, herb allows you to do it easily. We use data analysis, statistics and state of the art automation.
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“Herb has not only been my favorite sales platform, it has been the main growth and important changes platform for my business. ”
Rhoda Nichols
Senior Product Manager
Herb is a platform that connects distributors, stores with end users looking for THC & CBD products. Allowing to create a complete environment and interactive sales and administration platform.
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We become your marketing partner and consolidate your marketing expenses in to one low fee.
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Earn more money by selling your CBD products online and then shipping them to other states. We help you get it shipped.
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We are proud to have some big brands as our partners.